Costs & Funding

Initial Consultation

The cost for an initial consultation is $70. This does not include the cost to supply any specific orthoses that may be fitted on the day. Please see the home page for details of what your initial consultation includes.


The NDIS is the new way to fund assistive technology in Australia for people with a permanent and significant disability aged under 65. To find out if you are eligible please click here -

Ortho Advantage is not a registered provider, however you can access our service if your plan is:
- Self-managed
- Plan managed

NDIS Pre-planning report or preparing for a plan review

If you have not yet seen an NDIS planner to establish a plan or your current plan is being reviewed, we can provide a planning report detailing the recommended orthotic management to best meet your goals. You will need to bring a copy of your goals with you to this appointment.

If you need assistance with the NDIS journey, please discuss your situation with us so we can best help you.

TAC, Worksafe and DVA

Ortho Advantage is registered with TAC, Worksafe and DVA. We will liaise directly to arrange payment on your behalf. If there is a situation where TAC, Worksafe or DVA will not fund your treatment, you will be required to fund the account privately.

It's important to remember a referral from a doctor is required prior to attending the appointment. Funding will not be approved without this.

Please also bring all claim details with you to the initial appointment. If you cannot provide a claim number, you will be billed privately

Private Health Insurance

You will need ‘extras’ cover to claim the cost of your orthoses. Reimbursement rates vary greatly between health insurance companies. To confirm this, you will have to speak to your private insurer directly. We will endeavour to provide you with adequate documentation to ensure you can claim the maximum amount.

Please be aware that the HICAPS system is still unavailable for orthotic services Australia wide. To receive your reimbursement through your private health insurance you will need to forward your receipts onto them.